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"This is not only one of the best hardware stores in the city, but maybe the best retailer, period.  This place is the epitome of a store than cares about its customers and sees that everyone finds what they need.  The employees are really knowledgeable about all the products in the store... nothing beats the combination of convenience, price and service that this place has."

"All customers are cheerfully and enthusiastically greeted upon entering this store by knowledgeable, polite and professional employees.  It is obviously clear that once contact is made these employees' sole purpose is to make sure you are taken to the products you desire, answer any questions and escort you back to the cash register and complete your sale... I can spot a well run and managed organization in a minute.  I can see the morale, teamwork and dedication to the task at hand in a heart beat."

I've lived near this place for almost a decade and have visited many, many times over the years for hardware odds and ends. Every time I've gone there I am immediately greeted and asked what I'm looking for. They lead me right to the item and ask if I need anything else. The staff is always friendly and very helpful to suggest alternative items if they don't carry what I'm looking for."

"Everyone here is EXTREMELY helpful, and more than willing to help you with any projects you're working on.  More than once they've suggested a cheaper alternative to something I was thinking of doing.  I try to never buy hardware anywhere else."

"Amazing staff. Extremely kind and courteous and knew where to find exactly what I was looking for. This is the reason to shop small business. They truly do care about every customer every time, even if it's the first time they've ever seen you."

"Will drive out of my way to this hardware store. 3 generations of experience and knowledge. That's priceless with a DIY project. Service and knowledge can't be beat at another hardware store within 100 miles."

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